Discover 8 fun sites to spend time on the internet

When we are very bored, whether at work, waiting in line or even at home, exercising creativity can be a great solution, right? After all, at these times, every minute of distraction is precious to get out of boredom and feel that time is flying by again.

For that, there are several fun, funny and very creative websites on the internet! These days, these sites can even replace apps, they work very well on cell phones and internet browsers. So don’t get bored! In this matter, get to know 5 fun sites that are great hobbies on the internet. Check out the next few lines!

1. Patience (Web)

Solitaire, aka Solitaire, in addition to being a classic single player computer card game, is also one of the most popular games of all time. Ah! And it’s so popular that even Google has its own solitaire mini game, you know? Just by searching for “Patience” in the search bar, you will already find the “Play” button in the first result of Google.

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In this game, you need to sort the cards by suits, colors and numbers to win. The idea is that you make combinations of cards until you “tidy” the whole deck, in Solitaire you score more points whenever you manage to create a sequence. Pretty cool, right?

2. This is sand (Web)

In this is sand (This is sand) You can make colored sand art by your browser. On this site, it even feels like we’re tinkering with real sand, the sounds and physics of the sand are very realistic. So, there you match colors and create a custom design.

Ah! And on the website, you can also find artwork made by other people. It’s worth checking out, it has some very creative designs. Share yours too!

3. Snake game (Web)

do you remember snake? The famous “snake game” of older cell phones? Do you believe it is also available on Google? Searching for “Snake” or “Snake game” you will find the “Play” button just below the search bar.

Its dynamic is very similar to that of the most classic game: you need to move the snake to catch apples and score points. The more apples you eat, the more the snake grows. So, you have to be careful not to hit the corners of the screen and also not to curl up in yourself, ok? It’s very nostalgic! It is worth checking!

4. Gartic Phone (Web)

Ever played “cordless phone” or “picture and action”? If you like guessing games and drawings, Gartic Phone is a great option! In this game, you can gather up to 14 friends in a room and participate in a round of drawing guesses.

The game works like this: all players write sentences, and they are randomly drawn to everyone in the room, then using only drawings players need to try to represent that sentence. Then all players can draw and then guess until the final round.

So, when the rounds are over, everyone in the room will follow what were the opening sentences and what was the final message they became after so many different drawings. It is very fun! It can be a great end-of-the-year dynamic at work. Here’s the tip!

5. BuzzFeed (Web)

Another site that can be a great hobby is BuzzFeed! He is well known on the internet for his creative tests. There you can answer various quizzes made by the community and find out how much you know about a subject.

6. StopotS (Web)

Have you ever played “Stop”? You know that game where a letter is drawn and everyone has to write words that start with it? There we have several categories such as: name, city, movie, profession…

In StopotS, you can gather 10 friends in an online Stop game. On this site, you can even customize your own categories, then all players evaluate whether the words agree and are worth points. So, the one who scores the most points in the room wins. Pretty cool, right?

7. Ducks are the best (Web)

If you like ducks, this is the perfect site. In “ducks are the best” (Ducks are the best) You can make drawings using rubber ducks that accompany your fingers on your cell phone and your mouse on your computer. So, this site is really cute!

8. Windows 93 (Web)

Have you ever imagined using a virtual computer? On Windows 93, you can use an unofficial version of Microsoft’s system laden with internet memes, apps and games that simulate an operating system. The coolest thing is to explore what each application does. These are often unexpected and fun things. This site is also a great hobby!

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