How to Charge Your MacBook Battery Faster

To recharge your MacBook battery faster, there are a few tips and recommendations to follow. Some of them have limitations regarding your Mac model, system updates or may affect the optimal conditions for your machine to function fully.

So, check out all of our tips below to discover some different ways that can help you charge your MacBook battery faster:

1. Turn off your Mac

The best way to charge your Mac faster is to turn it off completely. In this way, any and all system processes will be completely interrupted and closed, allowing for faster recharge.

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2. Put the Mac to rest

If you cannot shut down your machine, either because of some software that cannot be shut down or for whatever reason, you can put it to sleep. When putting your Mac to sleep, most system processes are paused and the battery can charge faster.

3. Activate Low Power Mode

However, if you really need to use your machine while the battery is being recharged, the best way to speed up the process is to turn on Low Power Mode, a feature available on the macOS 12 Monterey system only for MacBooks and MacBook Pros produced from 2016 onwards , in addition to the 2020 MacBook Air, with the M1 chip.

To do this, enter your Mac’s System Preferences, then the “Battery” section. In the sidebar, click on the “Power” tab and activate the feature. The mode will reduce both the screen brightness and your machine’s processor speed, consequently making the battery charge faster.

4. Reduce screen brightness

If your MacBook does not support Low Power Mode, manually reduce the screen brightness. A lower intensity in the brightness of the screen already helps to reduce the energy used by your machine.

5. Disable automatic network access

In the same screen as item 3, also in the “Power” tab, disable the option “Wake up for network access”, because this option makes that, if you close the lid of your MacBook to rest it, your applications will continue receiving information over the connected network and being updated.

6. Disconnect connected accessories

Finally, another way to make charging faster and more efficient is to remove all accessories and/or devices that are connected to your machine through its ports, such as USB, USB-C Thunderbolt, Ethernet, FireWire, HDMI, headphone jack, SDXC card jack, and whatever your MacBook model has.

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