Matiang’i Intervenes in NTSA Logbook Scam

  • Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i, has intervened after the rising cases of fake logbooks that have seen many Kenyans lose their vehicles to a car theft syndicate.

    In a local media report on Thursday, December 23, it was revealed that the CS made an impromptu visit to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on December 2, after preliminary investigations indicated that some of the officials were working in cohort with the syndicate.

    During his visit, Matiang’i was accompanied by other officials from the ministry. The CS warned the officials against the practice that was becoming rampant at the authority. 

    An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices

    An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices


    Following his visit, it is expected that there will be a shakeup at the road agency even as detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) continue with their investigations.

    In an earlier statement that was released by the DCI on December 17, the police noted that apprehended four members of a car theft syndicate after they changed the ownership of a vehicle to get a loan from a credit facility.

    The DCI went ahead to state that the incidents had become a trend after discovering that the syndicate was being aided by some officials at NTSA who were accused of changing the ownership of vehicles without the owner’s knowledge.

    “In a new crime wave that is gaining currency in the city, unscrupulous businesses men working with employees in money lending institutions have devised a new way of defrauding innocent Kenyans and financial institutions.

    “The syndicate who have turned into overnight millionaires have built a shadowy network of hard-to-trace individuals, incorporating crooked officials at the NTSA,” read the statement.

    At the time, the officials in question distanced themselves from the syndicate claiming that their system had been accessed without their knowledge.

    Barely hours after the statement, the DCI recovered 450 genuine logbooks at a Nairobi cybercafe in Ngara, Nairobi County, as they continued with their investigations into some of the officials at NTSA.

    “In yet another criminal enterprise implicating some crooked officials from the National Transport and Safety Authority, (NTSA) motor vehicle logbooks bearing the original seals and assorted motor vehicle registration documents were recovered. 

    “The mastermind of the syndicate working in cahoots with officials at the country’s motor vehicle registration body, also unlawfully develops affidavits and commissions them, before they’re sent to contacts at NTSA for forced transfer of motor vehicles,” the police stated.

    A file image of the entrance of the DCI headquarters along Kiambu road.

    A file image of the entrance of the DCI headquarters along Kiambu road.


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