PSG: the nightmarish evening of Sergio Ramos

This Wednesday evening, the Spaniard played his third game with the Red-and-Blue. And it turned into a nightmare.

Last summer, everyone was ecstatic about the XXL and flashy transfer window of Paris Saint-Germain. Today the enthusiasts are gone. Of course, we are only at mid-season, but the facts are there. And among the big questions is the case of Sergio Ramos (35). Pushed out by Real Madrid, the Spanish defender arrived in July but on Wednesday night he only played his third game with PSG.

A catastrophic record. Moreover, Leonardo had recently confided that the Red-and-Blue did not really expect that. “To be honest, we didn’t expect to be 4 or 5 months without Sergio, we knew he had some problems. We had some surprises in relation to that, he had a breakdown, he forced on the preparation, it was hard for him… ”

Only three matches and already one red

Launched in the big face against Saint-Étienne, Ramos had to wait about twenty days before reappearing in the Coupe de France against Feignies. A match that he did not play in its entirety, replaced at half-time. This Wednesday evening, Pochettino had decided to leave him on the bench in Lorient. A choice that had challenged more than one.

Faced with the match communicated by Nuno Mendes, the Argentinian then brought Ramos back from the locker room. A change that brought nothing. Overtaken during the Lorient transition phases, the Ibère then managed the feat of being kicked out after receiving two yellow cards in four minutes. Nothing to annoy Pochettino. “The eviction? It can happen to any player. Sergio came in because we wanted to play 3 behind. It is only on the bench or at home that you cannot be excluded. It’s football, isn’t it? “ Already forced to deal with a Ramos handicapped by a fragile physique, Paris does not need to see him suspended so stupidly.

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