Stranger Things’ new comic book will focus on Eleven and Will

Looking forward to season four Stranger Things, due for release in 2022, will have content beyond the Netflix series to explore the world that Eleven, Will, Jonathan and the other children (now teenagers) inhabit, thanks to a comic book by Dark Horse Comics.

The comic will be released on May 7, 2022, will be distributed free of charge as part of the Free Comic Book Day, an annual event designed as an incentive for consumers to visit the comic shops locations from their US cities. Remember that this is not the first comic based on the great success of Netflix: in 2020 a story was released showing how Dustin and Suzie met.

the plot of Dark Horse Presents: Stranger Things will focus on the trio Eleven, Will and Jonathan, and will feature events that took place between the series’ third and fourth seasons, when the young people moved to Colorado.

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When the trio head to a drive-in movie theater in the new town to watch two monster movies, things start to get awkward, as they reminisce about moments from their still traumatizing past.

The magazine will still feature resident alien, a story where a doctor and a nurse will help an elderly inhabitant of the small town of Patience get rid of a spooky and spooky visitor.

The story Stranger Things will feature scripts by Michael Moreci and art by Pius Bak, while resident alien will have screenplays by Peter Hogan and drawings by Steve Parkhouse

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