Holiday Tips: Top 10 Beaches in Kenya

  • Kenya offers an array of experiences, from wildlife-filled savannahs and remote cultural encounters to dynamic urban centers.

    But, did you know that Kenya also boasts of a shimmering coastline that is home to some of the most alluring beaches in the world?

    From waves crashing into the sand, snaking rivulets of water into the quiet sand to happy kids frolicking in the waves to sailboats drifting peacefully off the coast, the beach scenery is just one perfect sight to behold; it offers a great ambiance for one to wallow in from the hurly-burly of daily activities.

    Diani Beach

    Surrounded by lush vegetation which sharply contrasts with the white, powdery beach and pristine waters, Diani provides a tranquil haven where you can relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

    The palm trees are lined in serried rows as they dip their heads in obedience to the sea. Its crystal clear waters provide the perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling among other beach activities

    Diani Beach

    Diani Beach Resort


    Diani’s long crescent of soft white powdery sand is a dreamy place to spend a day. Basking in the sun as you gaze across the palm-fringed backed by craggy cliffs you may be seduced to stay.

    There is a wide range of accommodation with beach resorts, hotels, hostels, and honeymoon treehouses that combine a unique blend of comfort and luxury 

    Watamu Beach

    Also known as Turtle Bay, the beach known for its coral reefs, pristine waters, and soft white sands offers great opportunities for activities such as swimming, surfing, walks across the shores, and sunbathing.

    Watamu Beach

    Image of Watamu Beach


    Embalmed in an atmosphere of serene tranquility, Watamu provides an exquisite and invigorating relaxing experience away from the hurly burly of daily activities.

    Is there anything quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore? It’s like walking through an airy womb of sky and sound.

    Lamu Beaches

    Surrounded by towing coconut trees, Lamu has beaches such as Manda Bay and Shela beach which are known for their peaceful ambiance and scenic views.

    Lamu Beach

    A File image of Lamu Beach


    The beaches are surrounded by luxury resorts that provide exquisite accommodation and exemplary services by highly skilled personnel.

    There are numerous activities you can partake in such as swimming, snorkeling surfing among others.


    Surrounded by lush vegetation, vipingo is a whole oasis of calm blended with elegance. The beach has amazing picturesque scenery surrounded by towing coconut trees and very calm pristine waters.

    Vipingo beach

    A file image of Vipingo


    For those who enjoy solo moments, this is the perfect place for you as it is very isolated.  

    Nyali Beach

    Known for its calm and relaxing ambiance, Nyali beach is surrounded by magnificent beach resorts which combine a blend of understated elegance and luxury.

    Nyali Beach

    A file image of Nyali Beach


    Its waters offer a great room for swimming and surfing activities,

    For those who love privacy, this is the perfect place for you as it is never crowded.


    The small peaceful beach located in a sleepy waterfront town in Kwale county offers nature at its peak.

    Tiwi Beach

    A file image of Tiwi Beach


    You can relax in the tide pools forming during low tides and bask in the sun as you enjoy the crimson rays of the sun as it laminates you with its warmth.

    Gazi beach

    Surrounded by palm vegetation, the isolated beach located in Gazi has one of the greatest luxury lodges that offer great accommodation and crystal clear waters that provide surfing activities and swimming activities for water lovers.

    Gazi Beach

    A file image of Gazi Beach


    If you enjoy private moments this is the perfect place for you as it does not have so many people flocking.

    Bamburi Beach

    Immerse yourself in the clear blue-green waters of Bamburi beach, you can get to enjoy camel rides, snorkeling, scuba diving as well as sunbathing as you sit on the coral reefs.

    Tourists enjoying at Bamburi Beach

    A File image of Tourists enjoying at Bamburi Beach


    The beach located in Mtwapa is surrounded by beachfront hotels, eateries, and bars where you can get refreshments as you enjoy the amazing scenic views of the ocean.

    Kilifi Beach

    Located in the north of Mombasa, the beach provides the full resort experience. Surrounded by thickets submerged in the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the beach offers opportunities to sail away into the water or take a ride on a dhow.

    A File Image of Kilifi Beach Resort

    A File Image of Kilifi Beach Resort


    The surrounding area has seafood restaurants with amazing delicacies and locally made drinks to die for.

    Shanzu Beach

    Located right off Mombasa Malindi highway Shanzu beach offers a unique blend of a built-up tourist destination and a peaceful waterside vacation.

    A file image of Shanzu Beach

    A file image of Shanzu Beach


    Surrounded by pristine waters and towing coconut trees the beach offers a serene environment for swimming activities and strolling across the shores.

    There are resorts and hotels where you can also get to enjoy amazing coastal dishes and drinks.

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