How is the treatment for Burnout syndrome done?

Treatment for Burnout Syndrome must be guided by a psychologist or psychiatrist and is usually done through a combination of medications and therapies.

Burnout Syndrome, which occurs when a person feels exhausted due to excessive stress caused by work, requires the patient to rest to relieve symptoms, such as headaches, palpitations and muscle pain, for example. Learn how to identify the symptoms of Burnout syndrome.

It is important to seek psychological help if symptoms of Burnout are noticed, since if the treatment is not done, there may be emotional and quality of life changes, such as problems with family and work relationships, in addition to physical symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting in some cases.

Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment with a psychologist is very important for those who have Burnout Syndrome, as the therapist helps the patient to develop strategies to combat stress. In addition, the consultations provide the person with time to let off steam and have an exchange of experiences that help to improve self-knowledge and gain more security in their work.

In addition, during the psychological treatment, the patient will find some strategies

  • Reorganize your work, reducing working hours or tasks that you are responsible for, for example;
  • Increase socializing with friends, to distract yourself from the stress of work;
  • do relaxing activities, like dancing, going to the movies or going out with friends, for example;
  • exercise, like walking or Pilates, for example, to release accumulated stress.

Although there are generalities in the objectives of psychological treatment, it must always be individualized so that the psychologist can understand the type of work performed by the person and the situations they are going through, as this way it is possible to assess the severity of the syndrome and guide the focused treatment in your need.

Some of the techniques that are used in psychotherapy are relaxation training, managing emotions and self-talk, problem solving, and cognitive restructuring.

Medicines that can be used

To treat Burnout Syndrome, the psychiatrist may recommend taking antidepressant drugs, such as Sertraline or Fluoxetine, for example, to help overcome the feeling of inferiority and incapacity and gain confidence, which are the main symptoms manifested by patients with Burnout syndrome.

signs of improvement

When the patient with Burnout Syndrome undergoes the treatment properly, signs of improvement may appear, such as greater performance at work, greater confidence and a decrease in the frequency of symptoms that cause discomfort, such as headaches and tiredness.

In addition, the worker begins to have greater income at work, increasing his well-being.

signs of worsening

The signs of worsening Burnout Syndrome appear when the person does not follow the recommended treatment and include a total loss of motivation in relation to the job, ending up with frequent absences and the development of physical disorders, such as diarrhea and vomiting, for example, and emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression.

In more severe cases, the person can develop depression, and may need to be hospitalized to be evaluated daily by the doctor.

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