Youcef Belaïli refuses an approach from a La Liga club

“Certainly, financially, he will earn more money by opting for the Emirati club, but my son absolutely wants to sign in a European club, even if it means receiving a lower salary, because as he told me, the money is not a priority for him; he wants to come back to Europe ” had recently declared on Qatari television Abdelhafid Belaïli, father and agent of Youcef Belaïli.

According to our information, Fennec with 31 caps with Algeria, free from any contract after having terminated with Qarar SC, rejected the approaches of a La Liga club which was ready to offer it € 600,000 net per year. An approach refused by the father of the player who still hopes to obtain a salary close to € 2 million per season. Recall that the native of Oran appears on the shelves of Al-Jazeera Club and Al-Ain. His quest to find a major European club promises to be arduous, unless he revises his salary expectations downwards.

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