Connecting AirPods to PlayStation (PS4/PS5)

As with Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony also does not allow the connection of any type of Bluetooth headset to the PlayStation, be it the PS4, PS5, or whatever. Well, at least not directly and natively, as we will understand below.

The reason for this is the same reason that Microsoft claims to bar the use of AirPods and other wireless headphones on their consoles: the latency of Bluetooth headphones is too high to be acceptable for more demanding gamers. Hence, the exclusive preference for wired headphones, such as headphones designed for gamers.

Still, there are some indirect ways you can connect your AirPods to play on your PlayStation. Check out 3 ways to do this below:

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1st way: the most practical way to do this is if you have a Smart TV, with a Bluetooth connection. Just pair your AirPods directly with your television and presto, all sound generated by Smart TV, including the PlayStation, will be played through your headphones.

2nd way: another way would be to mirror your PlayStation games to your iPhone screen; (also works for iPad) and connect your AirPods to your mobile device.

3rd way: as a more complex—but still viable—way, you can purchase a Bluetooth connection adapter accessory, often used in cars that don’t. Plug it into the P2 port of your PlayStation controller, pair your AirPods with the adapter and presto, your headset will be connected to the console — indirectly, it’s true, but still connected.

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