Policeman arrested at girlfriend’s house after killing colleague in Naivasha

A police officer who escaped after he shot and killed his senior in an argument at their camp in Naivasha, Nakuru County was arrested at a house belonging to his girlfriend.

Corporal Joseph Muthunga was arrested in Nakuru town Sunday where he had sought refuge since Saturday night after he was accused of killing senior sergeant Ayub Polo at the camp.

The camp was set up in the area to take care of the Standard Guage Railway in Naivasha ICD and stationed at Utheri wa Lari police station.

He had hidden his gun elsewhere within the area and he later led officers to pick. It had 25 bullets.

Police authorities said the two were among officers attending a Christmas party when an argument broke out.

Muthunga picked his G3 rifle and shot Polo at close range killing him on the spot. Witnesses said Polo had asked the assailant why he was drunk yet he was supposed to be on duty.

This angered Muthunga who picked the weapon and shot Polo.

He later ran out of the camp and was said to have been traced to Nakuru town about 50 kilometres away on Boxing Bay.

Efforts to get him are still ongoing.

Colleagues who were present scampered for safety on hearing the gunshots and by the time they came back the said assailant had left.

Police said he would be questioned to establish the motive.

Rift Valley police boss Fredrick Ochieng said they arrested the officer without resistance.

Tens of police officers have in the past year been killed and injured in similar circumstances where officers use their issued guns to target the victims.

Officials said they are making efforts to address the trend that has been worrying over the years with no solution.

Such dramas are common in the service and most of them have been blamed on stress and trauma.

On December 22, a police officer was arrested after he shot and injured a reveler in a bar in the Kasarani area, Nairobi.

As part of efforts to address the menace, police authorities have rolled out a counseling program targeting the officers.

The National Police Service Commission announced it had established the counseling unit, which will, among other things, evaluate, design, and lead an outreach program to deal with mental health problems and substance abuse.

The program is also aimed at assisting clients or families affected by mental health, substance abuse issues, and trauma to overcome the challenges.

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