Realme XT is totally damaged after catching fire, says report

Raising doubts about product quality, stories of cell phones catching fire or exploding are becoming commonplace. This week, an Indian consumer’s Realme XT reportedly exploded during use.

On Twitter, user Sandip Kundu posted photos of a Realme XT model that belonged to a friend. Completely burned, the device was unusable after an accident that did not harm the owner of the device.

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The camera module and the back of the smartphone appear completely damaged, especially in the area where the battery is located. The 6.4-inch display also features large burn marks.

After being questioned about the veracity of the images, Kondu published a video showing the smoke coming out of Realme XT. Apparently, the owner had time to film the burning device to show the manufacturer.

bro you see this video then you judge

— Sandip Kundu (@SandipK75709658) December 29, 2021

Second accident involving Realme XT

According to 91mobiles, this is the second reported Realme XT accident in India. In June of this year a consumer claimed that the smartphone exploded while being charged overnight.

Surprisingly, the incident happened on the same day the product was purchased. In addition, the user stated that he was using the original adapter that came in the device box.

At the time, Realme cited that the explosion could have occurred because of “external forces”. For example, a hole in the battery due to damage would have caused the device to catch fire.

Brand is aware of the new case

Unlike the case in June, Realme responded to Sandip Kundu’s Twitter posts. The brand page in India recognized the problem and offered to help the owner of the damaged device.

“We would like to inform you that we have already contacted the consumer and requested a visit to an authorized technical assistance. We will do our best to solve the problem”, replied the manufacturer on the social network.

Realme has not officially commented on the case or provided an explanation for the explosion of the device. However, it is expected that the manufacturer will not again claim that the accident occurred by “external forces”.

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