Two acquitted in laptop theft case

Two men charged with obtaining a laptop from a University of Nairobi student after posing as genuine buyers on social media got a reprieve after their case was withdrawn following an out-of-court settlement.

They are Tony Wangila and Wilfred Omari.

They were accused of obtaining the laptop worth Sh15,500 from Stephen Nyongesa at Equity Bank Kawangware area in Nairobi on December 16.

The court heard that Nyongesa had posted the laptop on social media marketing platform and Wangila conducted him posing as an interested buyer and they agreed on the price.

Wangila then sent Omari with a cheque to collect the laptop and they agreed to meet outside the bank.

Omari deposited the cheque and showed Nyongesa receipts before leaving with the laptop.

A few days later, Nyongesa checked his account and found no money had been deposited and that he had a penalty of Sh2,400 for depositing a bounced cheque.

He contacted the two informing them that he is selling another laptop via whatsapp and they agreed on a price of Sh18000.

They set up a meeting venue and Nyongesa reported the matter to the Muthangari police station.

Police laid ambush and arrested Omari who had been sent by Wangila. On a quick search, he was found with a Sh18000 cheque. His accomplice was traced and arrested.

But they denied the charges before principal magistrate Sharon Maroro before the case was dropped. Nyongesa said he had been paid and they had settled the matter.

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