Have you ever seen a Bugatti Chiron speed up to 414 km/h?

Considered one of the fastest cars in the world, the Bugatti Chiron had all its power put to the test on the German Autobahn highway. And it set an impressive record by reaching an incredible 414 km/h.

The person responsible for the feat was no newcomer to the subject. The Czech Radim Passer, who in 2011 set the open road speed record and in 2015 reached 402 km/h at the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron, has put his new car on the mission.

The Bugatti Veron, purchased directly from the French factory in Molsheim, was carefully prepared before facing the famous A2 highway, considered one of the most suitable for acceleration tests like this.

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How was the Bugatti Chiron test?

From even before leaving the garage until the effective start of the acceleration test, everything was very well planned. The Chiron was taken by truck to Germany and was only put on the road when conditions on the Autobahn were ideal.

Alongside a “navigator,” Radim Passer calmly waited for the best moment to pull off the shoulder, take one last look in the rearview mirror, and finally put his foot on the accelerator of the 1,521-horsepower machine.

The A2 route chosen for the test was 10 kilometers and, from zero to 414 km/h, Passer still had to “overtake” (without any effort, of course) two or three cars that dared to share the same highway as the supercar .

In the end, the millionaire and brave pilot celebrated the mark reached (without getting a fine!) and, most likely, has already started to plan how he will reach the 420 km/h, maximum speed of the bolide, in the next opportunity.

See the full video below for the Bugatti Chiron reaching 414km/h.

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