How to turn on separation alerts on iPhone

Thanks to AirTags, a new feature has been added to the Search app with iOS 15: separation alerts. With this feature turned on, you’ll receive notifications when any device linked to your Apple ID, such as a MacBook, iPad, AirPods Pro or Max, or an item attached to an AirTag, moves away from your iPhone.

In other words, if there is this separation between your iPhone and the other device or item, the Search app identifies that you forgot or left something behind and sends you notifications with separation alerts.

But don’t worry, you won’t get frantic notifications when you leave your MacBook at home, for example, or your iPad at work. You can add Trusted Locations, that is, places you can “forget” and leave devices and items linked to your Apple ID, without receiving frequent alerts about your locations.

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See below how to enable and receive notifications for iOS Search app separation alerts on your iPhone for devices and items linked to your Apple ID:

  1. Open the Search app on your iPhone and click on the “Devices” or “Items” tab in the footer menu;
  2. In the lower area of ​​the screen, select the device or item on which you want to enable notifications for separation alerts;
  3. On the device or item screen, click the “Notify When Forgot” option;
  4. Activate the feature and add Trusted Locations. These are places like your home, workplace, among others, where your device or item will be considered safe and not “forgotten”, making your iPhone not send separation alert notifications when you leave it in one of these places registered as safe and trustworthy.

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