Amazon Prime Video Releases This Week (12/30/2021)

As the end of the year approaches, Amazon Prime Video has been slowing down in launches. Proof of this is that the platform says goodbye to 2021 with a timid list, with few news and few highlights.

The big news on the release list is the movie’s premiere cats, a more modern version of the hit musical that generated controversy and criticism by the time it reached theaters. Using technology that didn’t exist in the past, the actors were turned into cats and were given the appearance of, shall we say, mutants, and this was heavily criticized.

If you like musical documentaries, you can now check out the release of the documentary series Evebody Loves Natti, which follows the life of singer Natti Natasha, a dominated star of the reggaeton genre. In six episodes, you’ll discover the most intimate details of the artist’s personal life, including her relationship with manager Raphy Pina and her pregnancy, as well as her professional trajectory in creating her new album.

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The week also features new episodes of the series the wheel of time and The Expanse, both original from Prime Video, in addition to the arrival of films from different languages ​​and countries, great options for those who want to explore cinema beyond Hollywood. Reality show fans can check out a new season of Master chef Mexico and the comedy the last to laugh.

All releases of the week on Amazon Prime Video









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