Drama In Nakuru As Thieves Eeat Grass After Stealing A Merchandise From A Business Man

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Residents of Nakuru town were left astonished after waking up only to find two men were eating grass in their town marketplace in the Flamingo area.


According to the crowd, the tow had stolen a construction machine from a wealthy businessman whose work was construction and building in Nakuru.

The tow allegedly took the machine which was a mixer from the businessman store in the town center and was already planning on selling the machine.

The business person had reported the matter to the police but they kept saying they were investigating the issue but they were actually not coming to conclusion.

At some point, they had wanted the business person to bribe them for them to do the investigation at a more pace.

He never wanted to bribe them which he said he was going to teach the culprits a lesson not to ever forget.

Teaching them a lesson meant that he visited a certain herbalist in Kericho town called Dr. Kiwanga. The two were really crying in pain as they were not able to walk well.

They had been eating grass for the last 4 hours while people cheered. The two were among the most dangerous gang in Nakuru town who had been so much disturbing people by either stealing their wealth, raping the innocent ladies in town especially on night hours plus breaking into people’s shops.

People really rejoiced with this experience. The police had a hard time do dismiss the people since they said they wanted to watch the free cinema of how Dr. Kiwanga had made the thieves look like herbivores’ animals despite being human beings. Media persons were there to cover news for their day headlines.

It was an incident that really made almost all activities in Nakuru town come to standstill. Finally, the owner of the stolen machine came to the incidence to witness the two thieves chew grass like they were eating sukuma wiki.

They directed him where the machine was. The business person later called Dr. Kiwanga and informed him the spell had worked. Since he was a person of goodwill, he connected them to Dr. Kiwanga when they had to pay a sum of 45,000 each to return back to their normality.

Since the incidence, theft cases in the town have really gone down since the thieves have now lived in worry as Dr. Kiwanga had taught them a lesson not to touch other people’s property without their consent. Dr. Kiwanga’s spell casting powers always work within 24 hours, mostly happening the same day they are released.

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