France team: Abdoulaye Doucouré, the forgotten of the 93 generation

Very successful in the Premier League, Abdoulaye Doucouré is one of those undercutting players in France. The Everton midfielder, extremely recognized in England, is forgotten by the 1993 generation in the selection.

Alphonse Areola, Raphaël Varane, Samuel Umtiti, Paul Pogba, Nabil Fékir, Florian Thauvin: all these players have two things in common. They are certainly linked for life by their title of world champion acquired in 2018, in Russia, with the France team. But these men are above all from the same generation: that of 1993. A vintage that has long shaped the hopes of French football as the players who were born in the same year as the coronation of OM in the Champions League have performed during their youth, evidenced by their coronation of the U20 world champion in 2013.

Unlike some of his former youth teammates, Abdoulaye Doucouré has experienced varying fortunes. The very successful French midfielder, now 28 years old and making Everton’s heyday, in the Premier League, is not necessarily less talented than his compatriots. But if he probably suffers from the very strong competition in the midfield of the France team, he may also benefit from a much less important media exposure than regulars of the Blues, of which he has never worn the jersey in the A (1 cape in Espoirs), or even received a summons.

An image in France far removed from reality

Arrived in 2007 at Stade Rennais FC before making his debut in Ligue 1 (where he played 75 games) in April 2013 in Brest, the one who is now one of the darlings of Goodison Park took over the management of the Premier League and of Watford in 2016, bringing in a colossal sum at the time to the Rouge et Noir (around € 10.6 million). However, the president in office in Rennes, René Ruello, had not hesitated to card Abdoulaye Doucouré for free, believing that the latter “Has a knee which is a sword of Damocles standing above his head.” When he does two games in a row, you take two liters of water out of his knee. Overnight, he can stop. We sold it correctly, but far from its true value “. An attack a priori unwelcome as the native of Meulan-en-Yvelines wet the jersey with the SRFC, leaving with the satisfaction of having brought money to his training club.

Very saddened and affected by the comments made by his former president, Doucouré has since turned the page, keeping in mind a very beautiful image of Rennes, to whom he will always be grateful for having allowed him to explode at the highest level. If he has since turned the page, he has above all offered the best answers to his detractors. Since crossing the Channel in 2016, the Frenchie has played no less than 171 Premier League games (for 21 goals and 19 assists). These words, never having been verified, did they play in the image that France kept of Abdoulaye Doucouré? It is to be wondered, because on the other side of the Channel, the No. 16 Everton is in any case considered among the best players at his post.

Doucouré still believes in the Blues

It is also no coincidence that, as we revealed to you, several top names are closely interested in his profile. One of the leaders in Rafael Benitez’s locker room and his most important elements, the discreet ex-Rennais perhaps deserves at least a chance in selection, where places are very expensive. While waiting to know if the wagon of the Blues will knock on his door one day, Abdoulaye Doucouré, aware that it will be almost impossible for him to be among the men chosen by Didier Deschamps to represent France in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, continues in any case to work hard and humbly with the Toffees. A late integration in selection like other members of the 1993 generation like Jordan Veretout, would then come to realize his ultimate dream.

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