Two Bodies Found In Lamu Forest, Suspected To Be of AL-Shabaab Attack Victims.

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Two bodies were found in Hindi, Lamu County on 13th Thursday morning. Police said that the two bodies are of two people Simon Munyoki 47 and Katana Mulewa Karisa 60 who were abducted by the suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists eight days ago in the Kibokoni area.


The bodies had been mauled by wild animals leaving only a few bones that enabled their identification.

Locals have since moved out of their homes in the area, with some forced to spend the night in the forests in fear of attacks. The worrying state of security in Lamu saw a heavy deployment of security in a bid to ward off any impending attacks from both Al-Shabaab militants and bandits.

Students have also been forced to leave school even as parents appeal to the government to address the matter and contain the situation.

Four police officers were on January 7th killed in a suspected Al-Shabaab attack at the Milihoi area after the militants reportedly attacked a police convoy in the area.

Meanwhile, the latest bandit attack is the fifth attack this month, leaving one person injured and several houses torched despite an ongoing high-level multi-agency operation in the coastal town’s mainland.

The attacks which are targeting specific Lamu villagers have notably been escalating in the past three weeks leaving more than 10 people dead and property destroyed.

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