Scream 5 has post-credits scenes?

Contrary to what many may think, it was not the Marvel Cinematic Universe that invented the post-credits scene. And usually, when that happens, we go to the cinema already prepared to see what the film will bring us after its end, and the same can happen with panic 5.

The fifth feature in the franchise has just hit theaters around the world, promising many references to films from the past, which debuted in the 1990s, 2000s and in 2011. In addition, panic 5 could represent the beginning of a new cycle for the saga, recycling the protagonists.

With that, we wonder what are the chances of having a post-credits scene in panic 5, right? So, if you’ve already seen the movie or will soon be going to the cinema for it, it’s time to find out if you have to wait for a surprise.

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After all, does Scream 5 have a post-credits scene?

The answer to that question can be frustrating: no, the movie doesn’t have a post-credits scene, just like the first four didn’t. This means that once the movie is over, you can get up and walk away while you digest everything that happened.

However, that doesn’t mean the story can’t unfold in an upcoming film. Who knows, depending on the box office success, the legacy left by Wes Craven will still bring a lot of entertainment for years to come.

You can go to the cinemas now panic 5.

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