8 Kenyan Media Personalities Leading Very Private Lives

  • These days, it’s quite easy to keep up with the lives of public figures. All one has to do is follow them on social media and catch up with the latest gossip.

    However, this isn’t the case for all of them. Some are very private and prefer to keep their personal issues, like their spouses and children, tightly under wraps.

    There are a number of local media personalities who detest the public eye so much so that little or nothing is in the public domain about their private life despite having worked for leading broadcasters for many years.

    Today, takes a look at Kenyan media personalities who prove that you can be famous yet discrete.

    Jackson Biko alias Biko Zulu

    Biko is an award-winning scribe who writes articles for his blog, the Business Daily, True Love magazine, and The Saturday Nation. He also edits Msafiri Magazine and Safaricom Foundation’s Msingi Magazine.

    He prefers to keep a low profile and there are very few photos of him online. Biko often talks about his spouse and children on his blog. However, very few people know how they look like.


    Comedian Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) in an Instagram post on September 26, 2020


    Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill

    Despite being in the public eye for more than 20 years, Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill, has never posted photos of his wife or children. Interestingly, he often speaks about her using the moniker Mwaongeli when referring to her during Classic FM‘s breakfast show.

    Gladys Gachanja

    Not much is known about the NTV anchor beyond the screens. She has worked at Nation Media Group (NMG) for more than sixteen years yet she has posted her spouse or children. This had led people to speculate that Daystar University alumnus is not married.

    Catherine Kasavuli

    The veteran news anchor has managed to live a private life. Not much is known about her family other than the fact that she has a son called Martin.

    Fareed Khimani

    Very few people knew that Capital FM’s was married until he revealed that they parted ways when talking about his drug addiction and recovery in 2020

    Ali Manzu

    According to media reports, Ali Manzu is married to Amina Gullam who works as an air hostess. However, there is no evidence to support this claim as there are no photos of the wedding online. 

    Sophie Ikenye

    When it comes to her personal life, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist Sophie Ikenye remains tight-lipped. As such, it’s difficult to say whether she is married or not.

    Nimrod Taabu

    Just like Sophie, Nimrod loves to keep a low profile. Therefore his fans don’t know much about him other than what they see on their TVs.

    BBC Anchor Sophie Ikenye

    BBC Anchor Sophie Ikenye



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