Wanted Mombasa White Widow Forced to Flee After Divorce From Al Shabaab Lover

  • Most wanted terror suspect Samantha ‘white widow’ Lewthwaite is on the run after divorcing her husband of seven years based in Somalia.

    A report by the UK media outlet The Mirror indicated that the white widow is once again on the run after divorcing a Somali war-lord identified as Hassan Maalim Ibrahim.

    While living in Somalia, Lewthwaite, who is ranked among the world’s most wanted people, lost her protection rights in the no-go zone where she lived.

    “She and Sheikh Hassan are no longer together – it is thought they are divorced. She had protection from his family in a no-go area in Somalia.

    File image of fugitive Samantha Lethwaite alias White Widow

    File image of fugitive Samantha Lethwaite alias White Widow


    “But now she is not welcome and has gone back to al-Qaeda-controlled Yemen. She got there in a dhow sailing vessel,” the publication quoted security authorities in Somalia.

    The white widow is believed to be tucked at a mountain hideaway following her break-up that put her life in danger.

    Lewthwaite was married to a suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay who killed himself and 26 other people in UK in July 2005.

    She later fled to South Africa in 2009 and moved to Tanzania in 2011 from where she hid in Mombasa for some time. Her latest marriage was her fourth.

    In November 2021, security agencies noted that they believed the white widow had escaped from Africa to Yemen in 2018 after dodging global security for years.

    The security agencies reported that information about her whereabouts is hard to find since there is minimal activity from the Western forces in Yemen.

    “Lewthwaite’s last-known location is Yemen. But trying to get intelligence there is as tough as in Syria when the IS regime was at its height.

    “There’s virtually no Western presence in Yemen because it’s so dangerous. And in the absence of evidence to the contrary, it’s assumed she’s alive and being supported by extremists,” noted the agencies.

    During her stay in Kenya, Lewthwaite was accused of financing people linked to Al Shabaab terror group operating in Somalia.

    She is also believed to have taken part in the bombing of the Westgate Mall in 2013 which claimed 68 lives.

    During a hearing in 2014 in Kenya, a detective disclosed that the ‘white widow’ dodged officers – even after oblivious cops visited a house she was living in Mombasa because she’s able to easily disguise herself. 

    Al-Shabaab militants conduct military drills at a base in Somalia.

    Al-Shabaab militants conduct military drills at a base in Somalia.


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