Ruto Thrives in Violence, Sponsored Jacaranda Chaos – Raila Team

  • Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s team has launched a scathing attack at Deputy President William Ruto following chaos that were witnessed at Jacaranda grounds during his rally on Sunday, January 16.

    In a statement released the same day, the Raila Secretariat branded the DP as a violent person who thrives in causing chaos for political gain.

    The statement claimed that since he joined politics in 1992, he was preceded by a violent formation dubbed YK92 and has carried on the brand ever since.

    “Violence has been part and parcel of Ruto’s brand of politics right from the time he introduced himself to Kenyans through the YK92. Other than use of money to buy support, violence is Ruto’s main tool for political ascendance,” read the statement in part.

    Protestants Teargassed During a Protest

    Protesters teargassed during a past demonstration


    The team further accused the DP of sponsoring youth to attend the rally and reckoned that the chaos arose after a section of them disputed over the distribution of finances.

    The statement was a response to the DP’s claims that the rowdy youth were sponsored by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

    He warned that Raila had the sponsored youth for only six months and that once he assumes power, he will offer them jobs.

    “Will you allow stone-pelting to disrupt us? Will you allow this divisive politics and threats? This is the year for us to end the tribalism and political intolerance. We shall have respect for all Kenyans.

    “You will not succeed you the master of violence. You want to tell us that you are interested in the unity of our nation. This young people you are using to throw stones, are only available for six months. After that, they will be unavailable because we will give them jobs,” he stated.

    Police were forced to intervene after rowdy youth threatened to disrupt the event while chanting Embakasi East MP Babu Owino’s name.

    Below is the video:


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