5 book tips to do better in e-commerce in 2022

January is a month when many take the opportunity to renew themselves in the professional field, and entrepreneurs are no exception. Who is in the industry e-commerce you can start looking for new ideas to plan strategies, find differences from the competition and learn about trends that could increase sales throughout the year.

With that in mind, Franklin Bravos, CEO of Signa, startup of digital solutions for e-commerce, suggested five reading suggestions with different perspectives on the area.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Tony Hsieh

Investing in customer satisfaction is an important part of the business. In this book, Hsieh, CEO of online shoe company Zappos, addresses questions and methodologies about customer success (CS) created by him. “It brings the lesson that business success is totally linked to the conditions offered to the consumer. Providing a unique experience, focused on the customer’s needs, helps in building bonds and loyalty”, says Bravos.

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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon – Brad Stone

The work tells the story of Amazon, in addition to bringing the biography of its creator, Jeff Bezos. It brings unpublished testimonials from friends, family, collaborators and former employees and describes the entrepreneur’s movements to reach new markets until he becomes one of the most powerful companies in the world. “It is a real lesson for anyone who wants to create a virtual store”, guarantees the CEO.

Inside Alibaba – Porter Erisman

The author was one of Alibaba’s first Western employees and head of public relations and international marketing for the company for several years. Reading allows you to understand how to manage a e-commerce and learn sales techniques from Chinese companies. “Alibaba is one of the e-commerces most influential companies in the world, which dictates different management trends and gives great lessons on how to beat the competition”, indicates the specialist.

Without Limits – José Eduardo Costa

Netshoes went from a small shoe store to one of the biggest e-commerces From Latin America. “The work tells how the migration from the street store to e-commerce was, the main challenges faced by its entrepreneurs and brings insights on how to integrate physical and virtual retail”, explains Bavos.

Digital Business – Alan Pakes

In the work, the author brings lessons on how to take advantage of digital to undertake and innovate, in addition to focusing the methodology on the development of the entrepreneurial mind. “If you are looking to understand more about digital marketing, management, online sales and customer relationships, this indication can leverage your knowledge and the results of your business. e-commerce”, says the executive.

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