Galaxy S22 could win Bespoke edition with custom colors

Samsung will be able to expand the customization options of the Galaxy S22 with Bespoke Edition handsets. The line was first made available on smartphones with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year, which gained five new color options inspired by the brand’s Bespoke series of refrigerators, delivering no less than 49 color combinations.

At first, only the standard model of the Galaxy S22 line will receive this exclusive series, as it should be the most sought after cell phone among the three that Samsung may launch next month. In addition, the glass material of the back cover allows the custom painting process to happen faster and cheaper.

It is not yet certain if the Galaxy S22 Bespoke Edition will have the same color options available for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (blue, yellow, pink, white and black), or if it can be chosen in other shades — the refrigerator line features models also in orange and green, for example.

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Bespoke Edition was released last year

The Bespoke edition was announced in October 2021, and aims to bring more colors to the two halves of the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s back cover. The total number of combinations reaches 49, in which the consumer can choose to paint the back section. with the same color, use two different colors and even change the color of the sides and hinge.

Samsung announced that the most popular choices in the world market include white covers in a silver construction, as well as pink bezels with a black frame. In the United States, the winning combination is the mix between yellow and blue, with silver sides and hinges.

It is not yet known what the price difference will be between the Bespoke edition and the traditional model, but as the value of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is increased by $99, an increase close to that level is expected. also for the Galaxy S22.

The Bespoke line of the Galaxy S22 should not be presented together with the devices with standard colors, as Samsung will be able to use this device to increase the attractiveness of the model after a few months, when it is no longer a novelty.

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