Chrome will have quick filters to optimize searches in the browser

Google Chrome experiments with tag-filtered searches right from the address bar (the Omnibox, as it’s known in the browser). The function would help find items from specific sections of the browser, such as sites saved in bookmarks, items from settings or traces left in the history, without having to enter each section.

The novelty is not yet available even for testers, but the Chrome Story website found remnants of it in the menu chrome://flags. Enabling it will likely make the Omnibox recognize search tags, which basically work as quick filters to search for items stored in the browser itself.

See examples:

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  • @history: this tag gives access to sites and searches saved in history
  • @bookmarks: search filter to find addresses saved in Favorites
  • @settings: Quickly find tools and resources from the settings menu

Searching these browser sectors is nothing new, but the shortcut makes access significantly faster. Instead of going into these sections one by one, you would simply enter the tag to target the desired results.

For now, there is no release date for the feature, but it is a fact that Chrome Canary testers will have access to it first. It should take at least a few months for browser search tags to reach the general public.

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