How to Charge an Apple Pencil | 1st and 2nd Generation

The Apple Pencil is Apple’s unique capacitive pen for its iPad line. The two pen models, 1st and 2nd generation, although they have similar functions and appearance, have different compatibility and charging ways.

What model is my Apple Pencil?

If you have an Apple Pencil and are not sure which generation and compatibility it is, the tip is simple: the first generation is compatible with all iPads that have a home button and Lightning input. Its smooth finish and contains a cap on top of the pen — corresponding to the Lightning port for charging.

The second generation of the gadget has a matte finish and magnetic charging mode. It is compatible with tablets that have flat edges and Face ID, corresponding to the new iPad Pros and iPad Air.

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Now that you’ve identified your capacitive pen model and its compatibility, learn how to charge it when you’re out of power below.

How to charge the 1st generation Apple Pencil

To charge the 1st generation Apple Pencil, simply remove the cover above the silver strip and connect it to an iPad. Despite being a somewhat strange method, this way of charging is the most practical to restore the pen’s working charge.

If you don’t want to keep an appendix on your iPad to charge it, you can use the adapter included with the gadget’s accessories. To do this, connect the Apple Pencil to the Lightning connector and use any common iPhone or iPad charger to start charging.

How to charge the 2nd generation Apple Pencil

The second generation Apple Pencil has a more practical charging format compared to the previous model, you just have to fix it on the side of the iPad, below the volume buttons.

Thus, by magnetic induction, the iPad will pair with the Apple Pencil and the battery charging will start along with the current percentage warning will appear on the tablet screen.

If it doesn’t, restart your iPad, then make sure that Bluetooth is turned on via the tablet’s Control Center or by going to the Settings app and finally “Bluetooth”.

How to see Apple Pencil battery percentage

Typically, the full charging period for an Apple Pencil, 1st and 2nd generation, takes around 30 minutes. If you want to know how your pen’s battery percentage is progressing, check out the “Batteries” widget on iPad.

If you’re not finding the widget, you’ll have to add it to your canvas. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the “+” button at the top of the screen;
  2. In the “Suggestions” part, tap on “Batteries”;
  3. Finally, choose Status mode and tap “Add widget”.

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