Formula One likely to add another US GP to 2023 calendar

LAS VEGAS, USA, January 28 – Las Vegas is reportedly on the verge of joining Austin and Miami on the F1 calendar next year to boost the interest of the growing Formula 1 demand in the United States.

According to, there will be two F1 races staged in the US in 2022, with Austin being joined by Miami, as the sports popularity grows across the US.

There have been ongoing talks between F1 chiefs and race organisers in Las Vegas, who are leading contenders to host a third race on the US, and it now appears an agreement to host a 2023 race are at an advanced stage.

So far, there is mere speculation about where exactly the race will happen in Vegas, but what is being favoured is that the Las Vegas Strip is part of the circuit.

In a recent interview with, Circuit of the Americas boss Bobby Epstein said he could envision a race in Las Vegas being paired with the new 2022 Miami round – which is currently scheduled to happen in early May 2022.

“I certainly can see Miami and Vegas being paired in a nice spring slot on the calendar, and then Austin and Mexico City in the fall,” Epstein said.

“I think together it makes sense from a business standpoint of transferring the cargo, to make it two stops, when you come over to the continent, at least.

“For us, I think it makes a great opportunity to bring the cars and get exposure in the US more than once a year.”

The current 2022 F1 season has 23 races planned and for Las Vegas to be included it will likely need to replace one of the lower-paying European venues in use at the moment.

Reportedly, F1’s commercial rights holders Liberty Media do want four races in the US with Long Beach on the West Coast being another favoured venue.

In 1982 the US hosted three F1 races at Long Beach, Detroit and Las Vegas (at Caesars Palace).

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