How to change Kwai ID

Want to know how to change Kwai’s ID? Fortunately, this can be done in just a few clicks. However, unlike TikTok, which allows you to access some account settings from the PC, the rival works only through the app.

The ID, incidentally, is often confused with the profile name. After all, Kwai — like other platforms — allows the user to create two names. While one of them can be chosen freely and is displayed prominently; the other serves to identify the account.

By way of example, on TikTok and Instagram, the first is called “Name” and the second, “Username”. In Kwai, this can get confusing. After all, the first is called “Username”, while the other is called Kwai ID.

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The ID works as an identifier, unique for each profile (as if it were the ID of the account). Therefore, at the time of change, the user must look for one that has not yet been used on the social network. This makes such a combination the most effective way to find other profiles.

  1. To change Kwai ID (Android | iOS), click on the picture at the bottom of the screen. Then, at the top, select “Edit Profile”. Note that Kwai generates a random name and ID for the account. The first is in bold, while the second appears discreetly below;
  2. On the next page, you can edit your account information. To advance, tap on “Kwai ID”. If you only want to change the username, tap on the corresponding option;
  3. Now enter a new combination of 5 to 20 characters. If you want, you can include numbers and special symbols. But, before committing, be aware that this change can only be done once (unlike the username, which can be changed every time). With that in mind, click on the “check” icon in the upper right corner.

If the chosen ID is registered in another account, Kwai will show a warning in the center of the screen. Unfortunately, the social network does not display available name suggestions. So, use your creativity to create new combinations until the process is complete.

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