Raila Reprimands Nyeri Governor, Orders Him to Respect Women

  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, has blasted Nyeri Governor, Mutahi Kahiga, for frustrating his deputy, Caroline Karugu, imploring him to respect women.

    Karugu had sued governor Kahiga for withholding her salary despite being legally in office.

    Raila, while speaking at the burial of Karugu’s mother, who was laid to rest today in Chaka, Nyeri County, raised concern on why the deputy governor was being victimised.

    “If you have a woman as a deputy, respect her and give her her rights. You cannot have a deputy governor who is working yet you are not paying her, to an extent that she has to go to court,” Raila stated.

    mutahi kahiga

    Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga exchanges pleasantries with his Deputy Carolyne Karugu and ODM leader Raila Odinga during the funeral of Karugu’s mother on January 28, 2021


    mutahi kahiga

    “I wanted to say this when the governor was here, but we agreed and he has now asked for forgiveness.

    “But that should not be an excuse. Do not disrespect our women. They are equal citizens of our country and have the ability to perform just like men,” Raila added.

    Kahiga, who had already left the function when Raila rose to speak, had asked Karugu to forgive him.

    “In honour of our mother that we are laying to rest today, it is time we bury our issues and forget it, so that we can move forward,” he stated.

    Karugu, however, remained coy on openly accepting the governor’s overtures stating: “Even as I go through a lot of tribulations in the county government, I still smile because my mom taught me not to carry my pain on my face.”

    “She told me to stay clear of fighting Kahiga. She asked me to give him his time, mine will come,” Karugu noted.

    Karugu was appointed in 2019 after Kahiga became governor following the death of Wahome Gakuru in a grisly road accident. She has, however, not enjoyed a good working relationship with the governor.

    She sued the governor, accusing him of holding onto her salary and allowances. The matter is still pending in court.

    Raila Odinga

    Raila Odinga in a meet the people tour of Nyeri on January 28, 2022


    Raila Odinga

    accident death fight

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