BOE introduces 500 Hz display for maximum gaming accuracy

While most gaming monitors sold today support a refresh rate of 165 Hz or lower, BOE presented a new model that appears at a much higher level, with up to 500 Hz. The product was shown as a prototype, and the brand has not confirmed whether it will be made available to the general public in the near future.

The reach of such high speeds is the result of a technology of highly mobile components, capable of delivering response times of just 1 ms. According to information provided by BOE, the product also features an 8-line eDP connection and support for 8-bit color gamut.

Other more “traditional” details of the BOE monitor include the dimension of 27 inches and Full HD resolution – so, with the exception of the refresh rate, the specifications are quite average in relation to what is offered in the market of panels of the type.

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But is 500 Hz really necessary?

In addition to BOE’s 500 Hz panel, other brands are already developing displays with high refresh rates. This is the case of LG Display and AU Optronics, which work on 480 Hz panels for the future — at present, the fastest displays on the market bring 360 Hz, as is the case with some models of Asus’ ROG line and the AOC’s Agon, for example.

Although the numbers are impressive, the usability of such fast monitors comes up against some specific aspects. To take advantage of the full speed of a 500 Hz display, it would be necessary to have a set of hardware capable of delivering up to 500 frames per second, which is unfeasible in most current games, even with the most powerful video cards and processors on the market. .

Also, the difference in the overall user experience would likely only be noticed by professional eSports players. Therefore, these new BOE panels could be aimed at the biggest competitions on the planet, and not necessarily at the amateur or casual gamer.

Another panel presented by BOE could be a more viable option, still with specifications well above what is currently seen in stores. It is a 110-inch screen, 8K resolution and support for a 120 Hz refresh rate — so it manages to unite high resolution with the speed necessary for high-level games, and should equip high-end televisions.

BOE did not present a specific date for the start of sales of the new monitors, nor their suggested prices – however, it is certain that they will require a large investment on the part of the buyer.

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