Detective Jane Mugo Breaks Down in Court

  • Private detective Jane Mugo broke down in tears during a court appearance on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

    The detective shocked the court after she claimed that her alleged kidnappers and potential killers were in the court posing as journalists.

    Mugo claimed that the media was being used by powerful people to sabotage her operations and create a leeway for the people who were after her.

    Private investigator Jane Mugo

    Private investigator Jane Mugo


    The detective told the magistrate that one of the people who had kidnapped her on November 24, 2021, was in court.

    The detective wailed uncontrollably as she pleaded with the court to protect her and efforts to calm her down by magistrate Susan Shitubi, proved futile.

    Court clerks, together with the police, were also left dumbfounded as Mugo lamented about how tough her job was. She gave examples of how police were allegedly trying to frustrate the justice system.

    “It is the same media that is being used by the people I investigated in government and they want to kill me… I have never been arrested, I took my guns to the commission,” Mugo cried.

    In order to properly listen to her grievances, Shitubi was forced to cut short the court proceedings to allow the detective time to calm down.

    Last year, Mugo narrated an ordeal that befell her on the evening of Thursday, November 25, when she was attacked.

    According to the spy queen, she was travelling from Bungoma to Nairobi when she was attacked by unknown individuals at the Ainabkoi- Kapsabet junction.

    Speaking in an interview with a local TV channel, the detective stated that she was pursuing a sensitive case that involved murder in Busia and that she, together with the Teso Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), had managed to make arrests regarding the same.

    “It was during the case investigations that I realized that a police officer had been linked to the case,” she stated in the interview.

    Mugo stated that she noticed two cars trailing her and she identified one of the vehicles as a Subaru, which later blocked her car and forced her driver to stop.

    The detective claimed that four men armed with AK47 guns approached their car, ransacked them, before ordering her out of the vehicle.

    One of the attackers retreated to one of their vehicles to fetch a crude weapon, which he used in the vicious attack on Mugo.

    A file image of Detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi

    A file image of Detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi


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