Little Known Details of 2 Kenyan Directors at IMF

  • Over the years, Kenya has benefited from loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) amounting to billions of shillings.

    However, little is known of two Kenyans who have risen up the ranks to become senior administrators at the international financial institution based in Washington DC, United States of America (USA).

    In 2018, Nancy Onyango was appointed as the Director of Internal Audit and Inspection. Two years later, Kenyan lawyer, Ceda Ogada landed the role of Secretary of the Fund and Director of the secretary’s department.

    A photo of IMF Director Nancy Onyango.

    A photo of IMF Director Nancy Onyango.


    Prior to joining IMF, Onyango served in various financial entities in the country including sitting at the Board of Directors of the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

    The auditor is a graduate of commerce from the University of Nairobi and holds a doctorate degree in Business Administration from the United States International University (USIU).

    While making the announcement of Onyango’s appointment, the then Managing director, Christine Lagarde, stated that the auditor had vast experience and would contribute immensely to the IMF.

    “Onyango brings to the Fund more than 25 years of experience in internal audit, strategic risk management, corporate governance, and IT risk management,” Lagarde stated.

    During a meet-up with the director on January 31, Energy Cabinet Secretary, Monica Juma, revealed that they were childhood friends and have created a special bond with the IMF director over the years.

    “Was great meeting up with my dear friend Nancy Asiko Onyango, a woman of many firsts and commendable accomplishments,” Juma stated.

    On the other end, Ogada rose to the rank of a director having served as a Deputy General Councel at the IMF legal department from 2014.

    Ogada is a Juris Doctor degree graduate from the prestigious Havard University and has also served at the United Nations.

    During his promotion, Ogada was praised for leading the campaign in advocating for good governance among the over 190 member countries of IMF.

    “More recently, he has led the Legal Department’s work in promoting good governance and transparency in several countries, including with respect to the use of emergency financing in mitigating the pandemic,” read a statement by IMF.

    International Monetary Fund office.

    A Photo of International Monetary Fund office.



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