Microsoft Edge 98 will bring security system to prevent zero-day attacks

Microsoft Edge 98 may bring a tweak to improve security while browsing and offer an extra layer of protection. It’s still unclear what that means, but the company promises to be “one step ahead” of criminals.

The idea would be to protect against the latest web threats, popularly called zero-day attacks (zero day, in English). These techniques seek to take advantage of newly discovered security flaws in browsers and operating systems to break into machines or install malicious programs.

It usually involves using extremely dangerous malware because no one knows how to effectively fight it. Until antivirus companies put up a barrier and software makers close the gap, the damage done could be immense.

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According to Microsoft, the new feature will allow administrators to apply group policies to end-user desktops on any system, not only Windows, but also those running macOS and Linux machines. Many networks today end up vulnerable because strict browsing policies differ for each system.

Edge 98 will allow users to avoid the unforeseen arising from zero-day attacks. It’s unclear whether these security protections are part of the expected “Super Safe Mode”, released in November 2021 and the fruit of the software giant’s attempt to stop criminals.

Super Safe Mode

Since version 96, Edge offers a Balanced or Restricted option, which determine the level of additional protection for web browsing. As it was launched recently, Microsoft has not yet released data on the success of this modality.

Balanced mode adds security mitigations for sites that the user does not regularly visit. The option blocks threats and allows most websites to work. Strict mode, on the other hand, raises security for all websites, which can cause some pages to not work properly, although it raises security to the maximum level.

It is not yet clear whether Microsoft intends to offer an extra protection solution or how this new system will communicate with the existing one. The way is to wait for the beta version so that the first tests show what the company plans for the Edge browser.

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