5 Dead After Residential Houses Catch Fire

  • Five people including a child have, on Wednesday, February 2, been confirmed dead after a fire broke out in a residential apartment in Mombasa.

    The incident was confirmed by the Kenya Red Cross Coordinator, Mohammed Rajab, who corroborated that the incident happened at Piggot Place in Kibokoni area, Old Town, Mombasa County.

    Four other people have been rushed to the Coast General Hospital, where they are currently receiving treatment. The four are reported to be in serious condition.

    Adam Hassan, a resident of the building, stated that he first heard screams, which he assumed was a day-to-day commotion. Shortly after, he heard a loud bang, which prompted him to check what was happening.

    “I was in my house when I heard a loud bang which was followed by a flash of electricity, I went out to check what was happening. When I walked back into my house, it was already on fire.

    “I poured the water I had stored in a tank on the floor, which was already on fire, so I could escape. The building has three floors and the fire began on the top floor and spread downwards,” Hassan told the media.

    Preliminary investigations claim that the raging inferno was caused by a gas explosion. However, authorities have launched investigations into the incident and will make available a conclusive report on the findings.

    Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, Mvita lawmaker, Adulswamad Sharif, broke protocol by announcing the incident. Sharif offered his condolences to the victims and their families.

    “Today, while I was in a committee meeting, I received news that five people lost their lives in a fire that broke out in Old Town. As I speak, a mother and her child have been rushed to hospital.

    “There is no substitute for life. There is nothing that I can possibly say to take away the pain and sorrow. I pray that God rests their souls in peace and console those who have lost their loved ones,” the Mvita member of parliament (MP) remarked.

    Abdulswamad also used the incident to move a motion to support the Community Health Workers Bill in the August House.

    A signpost showing the Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital

    A signpost showing the Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital


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