Ethiopia Issues Demands to Kenya Over Missing Tycoon

  • The Ethiopian government is now demanding an explanation from the Kenyan authorities on circumstances surrounding the alleged kidnapping of a businessman in the middle of a road in Nairobi.

    Speaking to the local media on Wednesday, February 2, Ethiopian Ambassador to Nairobi, Meles Alem Tikea, demanded that the law enforcement authorities explain the whereabouts of businessman, Samson Teklemichael.

    The Ambassador noted that Ethiopia has approached Kenyan authorities and law enforcement officers to give details on the state and whereabouts of its citizen.

    File Photo of the missing Ethiopian businessman Samson Teklemichael posing for a photo at an identified location

    File Photo of the missing Ethiopian businessman Samson Teklemichael posing for a photo at an identified location


    The Ethiopian envoy narrated that the family of Teklemichael is still writhing in pain brought about by the disappearance of their sole breadwinner.

    The Ambassador explained that the tycoon was a man of the people hence his abrupt disappearance has also affected his home country of Ethiopia.

    “The tragedy that happened in November has shocked Ethiopia. It took place in Kileleshwa in broad daylight and in presence of police. Since then, we have not seen Ethiopian international Samson Teklemichael,” the Ambassador stated.

    “We have approached the Kenyan authorities to give us an account of our national and we are waiting for investigations to conclude.”

    The Ambassador maintained that the Ethiopian authorities will not relent till the Kenyan government gives an account of the businessman.

    “The past three months his family and children are in distress and the bigger Ethiopian community, we want our people to be relieved. On our side, we won’t relent till we know the whereabouts of our national and citizen Samson.”

    Addis Ababa castigated Nairobi for taking long to conclude the investigations which have been ongoing for nearly three months.

    “The investigations have taken longer. Three months is not short. We are concerned and this concern on the mission of the Embassy will be shared.”

    The businessman was last spotted on Friday, November 19, after he was picked up by unidentified men and accosted to an awaiting vehicle with videos of the incident being circulated online.

    The abductors left Tekklemichael’s car, a black Bentley, parked in the middle of a road in Kileleshwa before his wife was notified by a friend to pick the vehicle. 

    The preliminary report from Kilimani police boss, Andrew Muturi, detailed that the matter was under investigation and was being handled by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

    DCI Kinoti during an address

    DCI Kinoti during an address



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