Facial biometrics requirement by banks grows 64% between 2020 and 2021

The requirement for combined biometrics by banks increased by 64% in 2021 compared to 2020. The data is from Flexdoc, a specialist in banking engineering that provides image validation for banks.

Combined biometrics is known as facematch. The model requires a selfie of the user holding the ID document. It is also common for banks to request two additional selfies for more detailed verification, the so-called “proof of life”. “Of the 7.3 million facematches and life proofs collected in 2021, 305,900 were rejected by the system and marked with a fraud alert”, reports Luis André Lima Lemos, managing partner of Flexdoc.

The generic rejection rate, due to attempted fraud or low quality of images or information provided by the client, remained stable: it was 18% of operations, a total of 3.9 million packages. The volume of individual registrations processed by Flexdoc in 2021 is equivalent to twice the population of Portugal, a growth of 47% in total operations in one year.

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Flexdoc detected 2.18 million documents with authentication levels below 100%. For banks, however, they can be accepted when combined with other conferencing factors. A common example is the National Driver’s License (CNH) expired with the other validation topics in order.

There are also cases of old identity documents (RG) in which the customer’s appearance is significantly out of date. “In situations like these, Flexdoc points out the inconsistency and leaves the acceptance or rejection to the banks’ audit areas”, explains Lemos.

Electronic signature

Flexdoc also noted that the volume of electronic signatures executed on the platform in 2021 tripled compared to 2019 and reached 2.7 million. “There is a race towards the digital rubric, as mobile handwriting signature collection is a weak point in the digital record process. The digital signature increases security.”

In 2021, Flexdoc processed 184,700 checks cleared by image capture — which includes the intelligent conference of manual signatures. Additionally, the company processed 4.7 million bank securities and 184,700 DOC transactions.

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