OL: Jean-Michel Aulas justifies the sale of Bruno Guimarães

During the presentation conference of Romain Faivre and Tanguy Ndombélé, the president of OL returned to the sale of Guimarães to Newcastle.

As for all clubs, it is in a few months that we will judge the transfer window of Olympique Lyonnais. But with the arrivals of Romain Faivre and Tanguy Ndombélé (on loan for this second) and the big sale of Bruno Guimarães for just over 50 million euros in Newcastle, the capital of Gaul was one of the strongholds of this end of winter market. During the presentation of its two recruits of the month of January, the management of OL took stock, and showed themselves to be rather satisfied.

“Vincent Ponsot and Bruno Cheyrou did a good job. In the transfer window we do not control everything. There is what we hope to do. When the first request came from Newcastle for Bruno Guimarães we refused. We wanted economic counterparts and we were not at the origin or requesting the transfer. Events have forced us to reflect.first launched President Jean-Michel Aulas, before moving on to the case of the Brazilian midfielder: “even if we weren’t a seller, we’re happy. After the coronavirus period, as an entrepreneur, it would not have been good not to listen to this proposal”.

An offer hard to refuse

“We turned this weakness into an opportunity. Our teamwork with the leaders and the coach has me more in the formal aspect. The athlete must be accompanied by the economic and the strategic. I lived well this transfer window which was very difficult given the rigor of the exchanges. It was sometimes difficult to bear on a human level because of the criticisms but I am satisfied with the work done. I say thank you to Vincent Ponsot and Bruno Cheyrou”concluded the Rhone president.

Vincent Ponsot, for his part, wanted to make some clarifications on Tanguy Ndombélé and this famous purchase option of 65 million euros: “the purchase option, it was Tanguy who wanted it and the amount was negotiated up to our valuation of the player”. However, it is difficult to see OL lifting it… It also remains to be seen whether Aulas’ explanations will be enough to convince OL supporters…

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