Actress Mama Baha announces 1st pregnancy as she celebrates 39th birthday (Photos)

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha has finally disclosed news of her pregnancy – just a few months before she welcomes her bundle of joy.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

As seen on social media, the lady made the announcement in a new post aimed at ushering her 39th birthday in style. And yes…after years of wanting a baby – her prayers were finally unanswered and Mama Baha is now able to have a child who she will call her own.


Well, being one who is quite secretive about her private life mama Baha also unveiled a new photo flaunting the grown baby bump to which she captioned;

Mama Baha pregnant with first child at 39 years


My 39th year and 39 things I have learnt

1.God is my Alpha

2.through him I have my being thankful in the good & bad

4. Be slow to anger

5. Be quick to forgive to others as you would want them to do to you

7.when giving alms, let not the right hand know what the left has done

8. The same sun that melts the snow, hardens the clay

9.pride comes before a fall

10.respect is earned

11. Obey your father and mother

12.lead a quite life

13.mind your own business

14. Work with your own hands

15.nobody has ever died because of working

16.let your talent work for you

17.let no debt remain, other than the debt of love your life, not others

19.walk the talk

20.obey your elders

21.have time away to reflect

22.pray every day

23.prayers is the answer for everything cant please everyone

25.we are all connected

26.the boss is always right quick to listen

28. Be slow to answer

29.when you focus on you, you grow.when you focus on shit,shit grows

30.let your actions speak

31.what you can do today,do

32.everything can be solved through dialogue the sweat of your hands out

34.i am created in God’s image

35. Repent each time I pray

36.choose my battles

37. He has made everything beautiful in its time

38. God answers prayers

39. God gave me a love just for me

#blessed #birthday #newseason #aquarius #twentygreat #foreverlovestory #wamine

Baby bump Photos

Anyway, her reasons to start a family at 39 years remains unknown to the public but I’m pretty sure if she had it her way – baby would have probably been here sooner but hey – the good thing is that she finally got a seed growing inside her.

Below are a few photos showing the growing bump that will have to pop pretty much soon.

Mama Baha pregnant

Actress Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha

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