Aircraft Crashes in Kiambu

  • A light aircraft has crash-landed in Tatu City, Kiambu County.

    The pilot escaped unhurt in the Thursday evening, February 3, incident.

    Reports indicated that the aircraft did not have any passengers on board at the time of the accident.

    The pilot was flying from Naivasha when he crashed in Ruiru. He was evacuated by police who also cordoned off the accident scene.

    Light aircraft crash lands in Kiambu on Thursday evening, February 3, 2022.

    Light aircraft crash lands in Kiambu on Thursday evening, February 3, 2022.


    By the time of going to press, efforts to reach the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) were futile as calls went unanswered.

    Cases of light aircraft’s crashing have been on the rise recently with the latest case being reported in September 2021.

    The plane crash-landed in Kigwandi village, Nyeri County on Saturday, September 11, after it developed mechanical problems mid-air, forcing the pilot to initiate immediate landing.

    No casualties were reported in the incident. The pilot, who was the only occupant of the plane, survived the crash without injuries.

    The pilot was flying from Timau to Mweiga to visit his friend.

    According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, this type of plane crash was known as “controlled flight into terrain” (CFIT). This refers to aircraft that were piloted into the ground, water, mountains or other terrains.

    The cause could be bad weather leading to poor visibility, a navigation mistake or a more fundamental pilot error. 

    In addition, some of the underlying causes of aviation accidents caused by mechanical failures include manufacturing or design defects,  failure to properly inspect the aircraft, poor maintenance of the aircraft, metal fatigue and failure to timely replace component parts.

    Wreckage of a KDF aircraft that crashed in Voi

    Wreckage of a KDF aircraft that crashed in Voi.


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