EdF: Kingsley Coman does not regret having missed the 2018 World Cup

International tricolor (36 selections, 5 goals), Kingsley Coman (25 years old) is an element very appreciated by Didier Deschamps. Unfortunately for him, an injury prevented him from competing in the 2018 World Cup. A huge regret, especially since the Blues were crowned world champions. But with hindsight, the Bayern Munich player confided to Sports1 that he finally has no regrets for having missed this event.

“I was very sad shortly after my injury, because I was already aware at that time that I would not be in top form before the World Cup. Once the tournament started, it suited me. But guess what? Looking back, I’m even happy not to have taken part in the World Cup! I met my current wife during the tournament. It probably wouldn’t have happened if I had played the World Cup. And now we are married and have children together! So everything is fine, although my big goal is of course to win the World Cup with France in the next few years. »

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