Father of Househelp Murdered at Employer’s Home Recounts Chilling Last Moments

  • The father of a househelp believed to have been murdered at her employer’s house over lost Ksh6,000 has broken his silence.

    Speaking to the press on Wednesday, February 2, Patrick Wafula, the father of Loreen Naswa Fwamba, noted that his family is still reeling from shock following her sudden death.

    He noted that his daughter, who worked as a domestic worker in a neighbour’s house, was summoned for some household task.

    The problem emerged after claims that Ksh6,000 from the employer’s house was missing and that she was a suspect. Wafula believes that she was beaten to death as a result.

    An undated photo of a police car in Kenya

    An undated photo of a police car in Kenya.


    Other witnesses claimed that she was attacked by the employer and her two sons. They demanded she confess her transgression.

    “When I got there, I found my daughter had been beaten up in a state I could not look. I asked the employer why and I was told that she had taken Ksh6,000.

    “I then told her why she could not wait for me to come. I was just home. You could have called me and we agree on repayment. They looked for money and did not find. They even came to my house in search of the money and did not find it. They ransacked her house,” he noted.

    Police have launched investigations into the matter and appealed to locals with any information to record statements.

    “Give us a chance to carry out conclusive investigations because if we arrest a suspect now without evidence, when they are released, the public may think that the police were bribed.

    “We appeal to all to record statements so that we can make arrests and take them to court,” stated a local police officer.

    Cases of domestic violence have been on the rise countrywide with experts blaming the rising cost of living as the main cause.

    If you are experiencing any mental health issues, please call Kenya Red Cross toll free hotline, 1199 for support.

    Cars branded by Kenya Red Cross logo

    Cars branded by Kenya Red Cross logo.

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