Governor Joho’s 32 year old hot wife files for divorce, says she’s done holding on

So word making rounds on social media is that Governor Joho’s hot wife identified as Madina Giovanni Fazzini has filed for divorce at Mombasa Chief Kadhi’s Court.

Madina to allegedly divorce Governor Joho

The Italian-Somali lady filed for divorce after 11 years of being married on paper and from what she says – the marriage cannot be saved at this point. Madina went on to make it known that since their separation they’ve both moved on; and the only remaining thing is the divorce bit.

Tbt: The Joho’s

Pleading her case on the affidavit now making rounds on social media, the hot mother of two said;

Joho’s stunning soon to be ex wife

I am clear and unequivocal that our marriage has broken down irretrievably with no chance of revival given we have both moved on over the years.

Time to move on

From the rest of the points offered to plead her case, looks like the lady feels that there’s nothing left to salvage since the governor moved out in 2013 and has been living on his own since then.

Since the respondent Joho moved out of our matrimonial home in June 2013, the substance of our marriage has dissipated and has no basis to be sustained from a legal and social standpoint.

Joho’s ex wife, Madina


It is obvious that there is no hope or possibility of reconciliation or compromise of whatsoever nature or kind between myself and the respondent.

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