Microsoft shows that Internet Explorer is not dead yet; understand

Microsoft has released a tool to allow developers to verify that their websites are capable of running in Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer Driver (IEDriver) enables organizations and professionals to ensure that their programs or pages still run on version 11 of the browser.

Although IE 11 was discontinued with the arrival of Edge, it is a fact that many companies still depend on the program to run their everyday applications. As a result, even if they have state-of-the-art computers, these people are restricted to the old browser, which dominated the market in the 2000s.

Specialists in browser automation from the Selenium Project decided to create a solution for those who want (or need) to keep legacy websites or applications running for a while longer. That’s how the Internet Explorer Driver was created, created by Microsoft itself, to overcome this difficulty.

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Edge offers a Chromium-based “Internet Explorer mode”, but the experience isn’t quite the same as running on the late Windows creator software. If the application runs correctly in IEDriver, it means it should work as expected in Edge’s IE mode.

Internet Explorer Driver Will Work Until 2029

Several programming languages ​​are supported, such as C#, Python, Java and JavaScript. Microsoft guarantees support until 2029, which should give developers more than enough time to migrate their projects and make them fully stable to Edge.

Even with Internet Explorer 11’s funeral scheduled for June 15, 2022, professionals around the world have been given a very long time to clean up their house. It is no longer possible to download it from the pages in an official way and the company has ended the compatibility of the applications of the Microsoft 365 suite, so the experience of using Word or Excel online can be frustrating.

Migration goes beyond project modernization: with the end of support, the browser will be subject to holes that can be exploited by criminals. There are also several pages that no longer run in the browser, after all there is no support for current standards — even Google search is no longer the same.

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