Meet Ex-Citizen TV Journalist Running Kenya’s Leading Security Firm

  • A former Citizen TV journalist is now at the helm of one of the leading security firms in the country.

    Mitchell Morgan worked at Citizen TV between 2012 and 2014. During that time she was tasked with anchoring and reporting news, mostly lunchtime bulletins.

    After exiting the Royal Media-owned station, she joined Ebru TV where she worked for only six months before joining K24 TV owned by Media Max Network.

    File Photo of former Citizen TV presenter Mitchell Morgan in studio

    File Photo of former Citizen TV presenter Mitchell Morgan in studio


    At the TV station she worked for three years before officially quitting the media to focus on other responsibilities.

    In 2018, Mitchell joined a leading security firm owned by her family. The soft spoken presenter was appointed as the Executive Director at Bob Morgan Services Ltd (BM security).

    The security company was founded by her late father, Bob Morgan, in 1984. Mitchell’s father was a prominent figure in the country where he was a senior assistant commissioner of police.

    Through her experience gathered in the media industry, Morgan has continued to build her late father’s legacy through creating a reputation of professionalism in providing a wide range of security services to corporate companies, banks, and even diplomatic institutions.

    The BM security firm offers a wide range of services including CCTV services, cyber security among others.

    With her 4 years at the helm, Mitchell has also been involved in other community building foundations. In her role at the firm, she partners with other bodies such as Friends of Karura to plant trees thus contributing to environmental conservation. 

    Other than being part of her family’s empire, Morgan has also made a mark in the entertainment and tourism sector.

    Together with her husband, Peng Chen, they launched a hangout joint, Alchemist, back on December 31, 2015, with support from other investors. 

    The open space club provides venues for different events enabled by its open air cinema, a lounge, a chillout spot, an outdoor dining space, food trucks, a designer shopping space, nightclubs among other services.

    “We decided to open the Alchemist because we wanted a new, open, airy space where the music was the focus and around that, we could have a huge variety of different arts, food, and fashion.

    “And to be honest, we all were incapable of doing, hearing and seeing one thing or another at a night. We always wanted that huge variety. So we decided to put everything great in one place,” her husband stated in the past interview.

    Despite all the achievements and responsibilities, Morgan has managed to live her life away from the public eye. 

    File photo of BM Security officers in action

    File photo of BM Security officers in action


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