Kiminini MP Wamalwa faults Uhuru for linking church to dirty money

Kiminini Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa on Saturday asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop attacking the Church.

The MP who spoke in Kitale during a burial said it was wrong for the President to attack religious leaders and link them to dirty money during his Sagana III meeting.

“What were the parameters used to determine whether the money received by church ministers was dirty?” MP posed. 

He added that Uhuru is a symbol of national unity and should therefore shun disparaging the church and passing judgements on them.

“Judge not, so that you avoid the judgement of God in Heaven. These are voices of God and we must accord them maximum respect”, he said.

He said the President ascended to power with the assistance of his deputy William Ruto claiming he is vilifying him to cow him down from seeking the Presidency.

The MP  asked residents to rally behind the Kenya Kwanza coalition and his Trans Nzoia governor seat bid.

Former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya who also spoke during the same funeral also asked Trans Nzoia people to support his bid for the governor seat.

“All development projects started by the outgoing administration have stalled.  I promise you all to script this in your hearts that together we will jumpstart all the Projects,” he said.

He called for constructive politicking during the campaigns and reminded those planting seeds of discord between leaders that politics come and go.

“I and my competitor Chris Wamalwa are brothers. Those of you sowing seeds of discord be aware that after politics, we will still be talking,” he said.    BY THE STAR  

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