New Twist As Kenyans In Diaspora Expresses Their Concerns Ahead Of DP Ruto's Tour Of US And UK – Kenya Leo | Digital News Channel

Hours after his departure, Kenyans living in the diaspora have expressed their worry ahead of Deputy President William Ruto’s tour of the United States of America and the United Kingdom respectively.

Through a letter dated February 25, and seen by this publication, the diaspora-based citizens – through their chairperson Dr. Shem Ochuodho – were jittery about the ten-day visit by the deputy president saying they are uncertain about what he represents as a leader abroad.

“It has come to our attention that the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto is embarking on a 10–day visit of the US and the UK, we bid him a warm welcome but are apprehensive about what he represents as a leader,” the letter stated.

The former Rangwe Constituency legislator made reference to previous instances when DP Ruto caused Kenya to enter diplomatic tensions with other nations, beginning with the recent incident between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr. Ochuodho’s letter further illustrated a 2014 incident when the 44th US President Barrack Obama had visited the country and DP Ruto allegedly expressed contempt for the global governance icon then.

“When President Barrack Obama visited Kenya in 2014, Dr. Ruto expressed contempt for the POTUS, but fortunately the situation was saved by the diplomatic mien of President Uhuru Kenyatta,” the letter reads.

This letter also says the DP is a person of interest at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in relation to crimes against humanity adding that his close ties to Turkish businessman Harun Aydin make him a security threat beyond the Kenyan borders.

“He is a security threat by virtue of being a close associate and business partner to a suspected Turkish terrorist Haroun Aydin,” says the letter.

This letter further accuses Kenya’s second-in-command of being corrupt, adding that his political speeches are hate-speech-filled, while on his campaign tours.

Citing that diaspora-based Kenyans contribute greatly to the economic growth of the country, Dr. Ochuodho insisted that their voice be heard in the governance of Kenya.

“Kenyans in diaspora make a significant contribution to Kenya’s GDP with an estimated annual remittance of over $3 billion. Therefore, our voice counts in monitoring governance and utilization of public funds,” the letter states.

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