Milly ameona hii?! Huddah calls Terence her Mubabaz!

This past week, Kenyan comedian, content creator, and entrepreneur, Terence Creative, posted a video of him and Huddah Monroe having fun at an outdoor party.

Terence, who is married to Milly Chebby openly flattered the boss chick as they enjoyed each other’s company.

“I am here with my darling, we are having a good time,mwah!” he can be heard saying in the video.

The boss chick was clearly having fun with a big glass of wine blowing kisses to the comedian and entirely showing how much of a good time they were having.

“We are enjoying ourselves, good life,” she said.

Raising her glass up in the sky, she openly called Terence her Mubabaz meaning sponsor, telling him to pay the bills as she caressed his beard.

With his acting skills, Terence could be seen imitating how Mubabaz behave as he could be heard talking to the waiter requesting the bill.

Below are some of the fans’ reactions to the video:

linetmongare: Diana B dumped now ni Dubai Babe?

pepe_kale_: Hahaha na @millychebby ako wapi naona mtu akipigwa hapa.

makeupand499: Feeling jealous on behalf of Chebby.

maggie_gomena: Tutaambia Diana B una mcheza wewe.

enock_enloba: Papa Fred that kind laughter can make you pollute take care,usifanye ivo mbele ya kamrembo.

swivelingadventures254: Uliacha tutembe twako, ukipewe utawezana?

stephenmasheti: Ati igonge tena 😂 utawachwa na Chebby ,haka kanapenda pesa wewe   BY MPASHO NEWS   

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