OL-LOSC: Jean-Michel Aulas puts a layer on the arbitration and asks for sanctions

After the controversy over Lucas Paquetá’s disallowed goal at the end of the match against Lille (0-1), Jean-Michel Aulas gave his point of view and asked that the referees be suspended for this kind of error.

Jean-Michel Aulas had not said his last word. After the home defeat against Lille (0-1), the president of OL, like Peter Bosz, returned to the corridors of Groupama Stadium. The imbroglio between Clément Turpin and the VAR referees led to the cancellation of Lucas Paquetá’s equalizer, finally penalized for a foul on the opposing goalkeeper. While the boss of French referees, Pascal Garibian conceded that this decision was not the right one, the Lyon president wanted to explain himself.

“I’m exhausted. Beyond the restrictive context, we should have won this match, we dominated head and shoulders, he explained at the microphone of The Channel The Team. We are at the mercy of an error of this type. This demonstrates the fragility of our position, the VAR must eliminate errors, but there, through a lack of professional conscience, we arrive at an opposite decision in a match where there is great importance. There is disappointment, bitterness and then we say to ourselves that it is an investment for not much (…) A fundamental problem arises, he was arrested and saw an image which was not the right one”judged JMA.

“It’s a VAR problem, not refereeing”

Before asking for sanctions for the referees responsible. “We give a bad image to the main referee, it is necessary that the DTA (Technical Direction of Arbitration) calls into question. We are still several months away from the operation of the VAR. It’s worse than a miscarriage of justice. Following the OL-OM match, which led us to lose a point for misinterpreted remarks, I took ten matches of suspension and I shut my mouth (…) There is a professional fault , at VAR or in the organization. When there is a fault, there must be a suspension. It’s very serious (…) The authorities are listening, if (Clément) Turpin is equipped with a microphone, he could have dialogued and said that he had the bad image, we could have hoped for a match draw, see a victory for OL, because we were in a good dynamic”.

The president of OL did not wish to condemn Clément Turpin, but asked that the referees be better helped. “You have to do like in rugby and have all the angles of view. It is also true that the exchanges must be transparent, that would make it possible to better understand. Turpin makes the right decision and is summoned for a mistake that isn’t a mistake. Trust needs to be restored and the VAR men need to show the right images. This is not the week of (Mikael) Lesage, he has already had problems in Paris. It’s scary, if we have less incisive presidents than me, maybe other errors will not be noticed.

I promise to do my best as of the next committee, I will write a letter to Vincent Labrune. The League suffers the consequences, it’s a bad image, even Turpin will suffer the consequences on his international career. We are ashamed to see what happened, it’s a VAR problem, not arbitration..

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