Watch-Man Ingwe making a music comeback

Celebrated gospel artist, Man Ingwe, has made a music comeback after a long hiatus.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Ingwe who now goes by the name Mr Leopard shared,

“I am talented and each talent requires the right foundation, so I retreat to create the foundation I needed. Now I am ready to come back not only with music but with so much more.”

Ingwe says his aim is to drop hit after hit.

“Two months from now I am going to release a song. I am coming back to rule the airwaves. ”

Ingwe is also putting up a resource centre to help kids within his neighbourhood access the library.

“If you want to change the society you begin from the base. I also have a development centre, one is for different fields eg teaching, dancing etc.

I am also trying to put a recording theatre where people can record live music back in the village.”    BY MPASHO NEWS   

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