War in Ukraine: things are going badly at Chelsea…

At a time when the Russian billionaire has been announced as a participant in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, the organization of Chelsea is floundering. Explanations.

He is one of those on whom all eyes turned when the conflict between Ukraine and Russia broke out. Russian oligarch owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich was quick to react. Not in the media, since the Blues statement on the situation in Ukraine was more than brief, but from an organizational point of view. The Chelsea boss has indeed entrusted the management of his club to the administrators of the Blues charitable foundation.

A choice supposed to protect the interests of the London club and which did not upset its actors, like coach Thomas Tuchel. “I don’t think it will change anything for me on a daily basis. I am in close contact with Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech to lead the first team, make my contribution, take care of it and give my best to win football matches”he said the day after the official announcement of the Blues.

Internal fuss

But today, while Abramovich is among those involved in the negotiations between Russians and Ukrainians in Belarus (the businessman assures the media that this is not a communication plan aimed at restoring his image), the Telegram and the Times announce that the organization of the Blues may soon pose a problem. At least two of the six directors entrusted with the management of Chelsea are threatening to resign. The reason ? Many believe that this is not the best organization for the operation of a club.

the Times adds that the official announcement, which occurred last Saturday, was made without the administrators being sufficiently informed in advance. Moreover, the outlet say that the club’s women’s team manager, Emma Hayes, is among the directors and therefore there is a potential conflict of interest. Faced with this situation, the club assures administrators wishing to pack up that it will not hold it against them and that it will look for another operating system if necessary.

An internal turmoil that ended up attracting the attention of the Charity Commission, the body responsible for monitoring the proper functioning of the foundations. “We have contacted the charity for information and, in accordance with our advice, the charity has also made a report to the Commission. We cannot comment further at this time”, said one of the regulators of the instance. To be continued in the next episode.

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